When I was a little girl, I would always play pretend in the corner of our bedroom. I would imagine a man kneeling and asking for my hand in marriage. He would slid the toy ring around my bony little finger (I used Barbie's crown/tiara as the pretend ring hehe), and I'd say "Yes!" in delight. I have always been a dreamer, and I believe in romance and love. Why shouldn't we, right? I see romance alive between my parents everyday. I see romance in God's amazing ways everyday. :)

When I was in highschool, I recall my teacher in Christian Living telling us to be patient and specific in our prayers. She said that it's very true even in relationships. I might have been inconsistent in my prayers sometimes, and maybe I failed to be specific enough most nights, but I would always ask for His, and Our Lady's guidance whenever I can and even in the most ordinary moments of the day.

Many moons ago, I asked for a heart that forgives, and I asked specifically for a man who would make me believe in love again. Not for someone to pick up the shattered pieces, but for someone who would inspire me to pick them up myself and stitch them back together into a beautiful patchwork heart. Someone to inspire me to forgive like he forgives, and to find joy and reasons to be grateful like he finds joy and reasons to be grateful even in the darkest of days.

How God answered quickly and most happily! It was as if all the hotlines in heaven rang and angels rushed down to Earth to make my days look brighter, and to remind me that I have my family and friends and most importantly, Earl Bruno Ebriega in my life. The force of love IS strong in my family. They ARE my life. And I have love in my heart because of them.

I wish Dad Roval was here today so I can personally hug him and tell him about the wonderful man he raised and to talk to him about our plans in life. I wish my lolo was here so he could personally scrutinize my husband-to-be, hehe, and so that he can see how happy his apo is. They must be celebrating and saving the big date in heaven now. :)

It is true what Steve Jobs said about being able to connect the dots and understanding things more clearly in retrospect. Things, indeed, happen for a reason. It's all part of God's majestic plan. But He still needs our help to make things work. He still needs us to think and to love and to be patient and to be kind and to be brave and to be humble to acknowledge our own shortcomings. He needs us to make good use of the short time He has given us to serve others and the world.

Today I speak of the joy I feel in my heart, hoping to share with everyone the power of dreams and prayers and family and, most importantly, of love--the only gift that endures.

We are forever excited to be sharing more of these simple joys of life with you, our loves.

THANK YOU for being in our life, and for writing our story with us. Please, pray for us as we prepare for marriage.




Coming home.


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