A Thoughtful Work of Art.

How very quickly time flies. It sped off my days like a lightning. A beautiful, majestic, awe-inspiring lightning.

I am sitting in a cafe, eagerly awaiting a plate of salad and my staple mocha drink. I think about the number of days that passed by since the last time I sat in this same exact place. I think about the rush this morning--the traffic and the heat on the road; I think about the little boy under the scorching sun, 
approaching cars and asking for alms. I think about his home--where is it? where are his parents? I think about the two little girls and the letter they wrote, placed under the glass table cover. I think about their home and their parents. I think about what they thought while they were writing their message on a stationary with the words "You are God's work of art - Ephesians 2:10" printed on top of it. I think about what I think about it.

I think of myself waking up from sleep, genuinely at a loss about why I set my alarm very early, and later on coming to my senses (Oh I remember). I think about Phoebe on the street outside our house as I was moving the car out of the garage. I think about what she thinks about whenever she finds herself outside the house, and what she thinks about whenever I carry her back home.

I think about tales as old as time, the beauties and beasts I encountered in my life. I think about this, of course, while listening to a piano instrumental of the song playing in the restaurant. :)

I think about my grandmother and how I kissed her and how she told me "God bless" like she always does, as I hurried out of the house. I think about the food she was cooking and how passionately she has been preparing meals for us ever since we were young. I think about this morning's meeting and the wonderful plans and possibilities running through my mind while presenting. I think about the studio and the fabric on the table that I plan to sew into a dress (finally! something for myself). I think about how in the world I manage to keep myself sane despite all the many things and people and places and calendar numbers running through my mind. How? I think. 

And then I stop thinking.

And then I breathe. I say a silent prayer of Thank You. Because there is nothing else to say, really.

My plate has arrived and I see a cheerful family come in to have lunch together. 

Wow. What beautiful works of art I am surrounded with, indeed.



Coming home.


SERVE LIFE FORWARD: Travel meaningfully, Live joyfully.