Your life is a mosaic.

heart mosaic Big Heart of Art by qthomasbower

I'm having a hard time organizing things in my head lately. If post-it's could just pop out of my very 'organized' organizer every time I open it, I'd be the most grateful working woman out there.

Balancing your life at 23 is no easy feat (especially if you live alone and has no interest in cooking at all--haha). Apart from the office duties, there are the home duties and sister duties as well. I've been tempted to jump on a plane to my family in Singapore and take a long vacation but I can't just leave my work and my twin (and my poodle and my sewing machine) alone.

I have too many plans than my 10-pound brain can hold. I have too many ideas that need writing down. I have too many crafts and DIY projects to keep me inspired. And there's the occasional travels I want to sink in.

Far too many. Yet I have big faith that, in time, all these goals--no matter how indefinite or disorganized they might seem at the time I realized them and scribbled them in my organizer and disparate sheets of paper--will fall into place together to paint a lovely picture of my life.

We all are capable of creating moments that CREATE us. After all, each life is a mosaic waiting to be formed and transformed into some majestic awesomeness.


  1. Nice read, as always. I still wish to see you in Law school.

  2. Lea? Why? Am I Elle Woods material? Haha Law school's not for me. Im planning to get my Masters nxt year..if I dont get it into Fulbright. Waa. You still owe me lunch, attorney! :)


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