I meant to write an insightful blog today.

inthehospital Max and Shelley, among others, keeping me company.

I meant to write an insightful blog today as I have been feeling well lately. I have been trying to make my stay at home productive—watching DVDs, eating, sleeping, not bothering myself with anything related to work, reading, writing novellas in my mind, playing with the dog, eating again, sleeping gain. Yes, very productive, indeed.

When I woke up this morning, I was determined to make what may be the last stretch of of my bed rest hiatus even more productive by writing something related to a a TED video I saw recently, and writing down goals in this untouched notebook that my sister brought me home from Hawaii ages ago (why do I have so many notebooks??).

In my weeks of total bumming, I could already trace a pattern that is both unfathomable and annoying. The pattern is this: I don’t feel well-I feel well-I don’t feel well-I feel well. Of course, I would hope it could just end with ‘I feel well,’ period. Right?

I would say that I have never felt extreme fatigue and fragility than in those weeks leading to my diagnosis. I’m still thankful that I’ve been communicating with my parents via YM and that my mom convinced me to bring myself to the hospital. Drove to the hospital. Admitted myself to the hospital. Had some initial problem with the HMO, which was later resolved. Committed myself to total bed rest-slash-boredom and needles and tests and juice and cable tv.

That night, my mom flew from Singapore to Manila to take care of me.There is truly nothing like your mother taking care of you. Every food and every drink she gives you…you just can’t say No. hehe

Anyway, I meant to write an insightful blog today but I realize I’m not totally feeling well. There’s this pain in my chest that lingers (and I don’t mean this to be a romantic metaphor, haha) and a neck pain that reminds me of a similar pain weeks ago when my fever first subsided.

Meantime, I leave you with this: La dolce vita! Because life remains sweet despite the pain or sour days we are going through. :)

Right. Will take a rest now. Looking forward to getting my head together, feeling and thinking magical, and writing again.



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