See you later, Hachi.

I can’t say that I’m devastated that Hachi’s gone but it sure makes me cry. I still was able to carry on with my normal everyday routine. I got up this morning, had breakfast, took a bath, and headed out to face the perpetually perplexing Manila traffic.

My sister said it must be Lepto. My boyfriend  said it could be some liver complication. It could also be heartworm. I have a dozen or so theories in my head.

Last night, the vet was supposed to see him but his body gave up just before the car could take him to the clinic. And I wasn’t even there to see him.

I was on my way home with Earl trying to contact veterinarians, calling the house every now and then, asking how he’s doing.

This is the second time this has happened to us. Chase died more than a year ago from what seemed like a heartworm. He was barely three or six months. Can’t exactly recall.

Hachi, too, had only stayed three months with us before he left.

We are beginning to think that Phoebe, knowing how she hates being around ‘other’ dogs, might have some evil tricks up her sleeve all along. Either that or she might be cursed.

Kidding aside, we love Phoebe. And Hachi. And Chase. And all the dogs who had ever shared our home.

The family is sad that Hachi’s gone. It might take a while before we get another dog.

It’s always heartbreaking when a part of your family leaves for heaven.

But it’s reassuring to know that up there, at least he’s happily running around and that he’s having all the food he wants, and that his pain is over.


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