Discovering You.

 Starburst and Beach Grass by D. Sharon Pruitt

Sometimes the best way to figure out who you are is to get to that place where you don't have to be anything else. – Anonymous

We wake up every morning to a mass of overly commercialized products, material ambitions, and highly selfish wisdom. Often, we look for the trend--that ‘it’ thing people are craving, that ‘coolness’ that would make you, well, fit in.

We all want to fit in. To feel like we belong.

But do we ever stop to think that we already belong? That maybe, we shouldn’t try so hard to fit in. Because, somewhere, there are people who feel the same way waiting for us to take the stool next to them. Waiting for us to tell our unique and fascinating stories. Waiting for us to connect with them, too.

It may take us ages to find them. We may never even get the chance. But they are there.

And you are here.

All we need is to bravely embrace our soul—explore it and appreciate it--rather than throw it onto molds that only provide a false sense of belongingness in the present.

You see, we are never alone. Right now, someone is singing the same songs we are singing and dancing the same music we are dancing.

Encounter yourself and you will encounter a true, priceless company along the way. Even drawing love. For yourself. And for the world.



Coming home.


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