I love you, tomorrow.

I thought life was moving too slowly when I was thirteen and while counting the days till I turn 18.

The clock seemed too lazy to work, the hours seemed to strike less faster than it should, leaving a heavy invisible weight and a stifled sigh upon a child eager to grow up.

Then I turned 18, and began counting the days until I turn 20..then 21, then 22.

There’s always a place in the future I want to be, I want to stand. There’s always that time I want to seize and experience. But this place and time always remain there, if not replaced by another place and time.

It took me a while to understand that what I have right now is a treasure that I should not neglect . I cannot just spend my time thinking about when the bus is coming to pick me up by the road, and getting distressed over how I don’t seem to be getting what I want when I want them. I can only live in, and breathe the moment, and just be thankful I have time.

I guess it always works that way. We never fully grasp our future nor our desires, or happiness even, because there is actually no end to dreaming and living.

There are only infinite tomorrows.

Thank you for the food on the table and family and sunrises, and for more birthdays to come.


  1. Happy belated birthday... I can relate to this post a lot. I LOVE your blog banner :)


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