The best things in life are.

I drove my brother to the airport last Saturday. He was heading back to Singapore.

My feet felt different as they kissed the clutch and the gas pedals. I haven’t been using the car to work of late, and I think it’s going to miss me for more days. At first, it was merely a personal protest against the parking fee hike implemented at the parking area. But I’m gradually falling in love with the public commute and might be doing this for a longer time. Being out there with the people, walking with them, working out their stories, is, indeed, a precious experience.

When I got home last Saturday, I was still thinking about Singapore and my trip there last year. It was a restless Saturday of DIY projects. That night, I decided to finally finish what I’ve been putting off for the past months.

So I took one of my diaries from my closet, picked up a few art materials from the box under the bed, and reminisced about past travels and happy walks.


I can’t believe how incredibly easy and fun the project was. I wanted to take out more things to laminate. I even thought about laminating my ATM card!---buuut then I figured I could save the pouches for future, more interesting, and less insane projects.

I looked at my work with an ear-to-ear smile afterwards. I placed them carefully in my drawer as if I’m just sending my little babies to bed and tucking them in. They were just so perfect, and reminded me of the equally picture-perfect sights of Sentosa.

They were more than souvenirs. I guess no other dress from Vivo City or a Merlion figurine could be as personal and as thoughtful.

Done with the day, to my good night’s sleep I went, making count of more unworldly pleasures that make me smile---like the magic of free parking.



Coming home.


SERVE LIFE FORWARD: Travel meaningfully, Live joyfully.