Save the dolphins.

Dear Taiji, please stop killing the dolphins.

God. I wish I could curse you, or slap you, or kick you in the groin, or whatever, if only I could avenge the cruelty you've caused these innocent creatures. But that would not be enough.

Plus cruelty wouldn't solve another cruelty.

That's why we ask you, please stop the dolphin slaughter.

Last week, I wouldn't even give a damn about this issue because I didn't know. I was one of those ignorant people who would say 'Oh. They kill dolphins in Japan?', and would go on with their usual activities. So what?

But now that I do understand the horrible extent of this issue, I'm suddenly overwhelmed by this human indignation to reach out and participate and do something about it.

Now, more than ever, I understand that this killing of dolphins would not stop unless people come face-to-face with this issue. Unless they come to understand that this IS happening. That this is a terrible reality. Only when people truly understand, and not just know (because knowing only implies reaching the cognitive level without effecting a change in perspective and behavior), can this abhorrent act be stopped.

Watching The Cove has been an emotional, upsetting experience. Life-changing? Yes. Because for one, I'd probably not look at SeaWorld the same way again.

I applaud everyone who has ever risked his/her life to make a positive change in the world.

I have to see this end in my lifetime. Right now I'm focusing on that one little body of water where that slaughter takes
place. If we can't stop that, if we can't fix that, forget about the bigger issues. There's no hope. - Ric O'Barry

We have to see this end in OUR lifetime. Spread the word and take part.



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