Pre-swimming jitters.

If I gain X pounds this month, I've got nutella to blame.

Right. Let's rephrase that.

If I gain X pounds this month, I've got nutella to thank.

Gratitude is healthy, they say. So thank you food for giving us nutrition and fats and making it difficult for us to fit in our bikinis just when we needed to. And yes, if it was not for the mere concept of you, there wouldn't be any Mrs. Fields cookies or Pop Tarts to enjoy. And oh, Nutella, too.

On my way home from work today, I had the urge to buy snack before heading to the parking lot. I wanted and then I didn't want to and then I wanted and then I didn't want to. Such a fickle-minded girl. How can buying food trouble one's mind and make one question his/her judgment (on hunger)? I don't know. Sometimes I know I'm hungry, sometimes I don't. Sometimes, I'm sure I'm hungry, sometimes I just convince myself that I'm sure (that I'm hungry).

So I didn't get anything from the store. I didn't fancy the extra leg work anyway.

In retrospect, I should've bought that Bread Pan. Then again, there's always tomorrow. And food, like love, always waits.

Geez, I just threw out onto cyberspace the corniest line tonight. Time to turn in and hide under the covers.



Coming home.


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