Dear music, I just wanna keep on (loving you).

REO Speedwagon occupied about 75% of my mind yesterday. 15% went to my dental bills. 5% to McDo french fries. and another 5% to the sexily talented Hugh Laurie.

(This paragraph break translates to about twenty seconds of adding those percentages, and making sure they equal 100%. Yes, Math is a good bad personal time-waster.)

REO's music is just ageless and fits nicely in the Julia Roberts-loves-Richard Gere, The-Mirror-Has-Two-Faces, Aerosmith-Crazy emo playground of my brain. I found myself asking my sister why on earth people haven't written shit as good as theirs in years.

I am a big fan of music and I am pretty sure that people have become more creative in their song-writing stints. More melodies to play with. More things to write about. With love, still, as their muse.

But you know classic when you hear classic.

Nevertheless, music IS music. And this (restless) little girl will never get tired of listening to and discovering more of them.

P.S.: Catch Belle & Sebastian and their lovely poetry-melodies with me at this year's Mosaic Music Festival. :)



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