When i was one and twenty, i had reasons to celebrate.

Yesterday my twin sister and I celebrated our 21st birthday (I'm 21?!), and I thought people were going to forget about it or people were going to be 'too busy' to greet us. It was a good thing I kept my phone on silent mode because I received too many messages, they almost wore out my phone battery...Okay, i was just too lazy to charge my phone so even with a single battery bar, I went to sleep and assumed that I had some kind of 'superphone'--invincible, cannot be 'dead' come ruin or rupture.

It was my birthday after all. Nothing could/should to let me down.

The messages were all heartwarming. I even received greetings from those I hardly think about, and from those I'm not even close to. In Facebook, I just had to say 'thank you' to everyone--and I mean every ONE. I barely knew some of them but I had to give a credit for clicking on that birthday update and typing those words 'happy birthday', eh? Besides, gratitude is an age-old secret. :)

It made me ponder upon a probably 'getting old' idea but 'not so getting old/noticed' idea, after all. Are we able to truly establish 'real' relationships in social networking sites? Do we mean to greet someone a 'happy birthday'? or is it only because you happen to be logged on when you saw a birthday update? Would you even care to remember someone's birthday because you truly, without question and a username and a password, care about that person?

I have to admit I, too, greet people who a few years ago, I wouldnt usually greet. Yes, it could appear a tad hypocritical. But I guess we all have our individual intentions and I've always believed that a simple message of love, no matter how 'modernized' or 'contemporary' or 'digital' it has become at present, will always bring a smile to someone's face.

The modes of communication may have evolved over the years, but love, in the lyrics of Gavin Rossdale, remains the same.

Oh, I received a really cool gift from my twin sister. Guess it's her way of telling me to shut up and just let Alicia Keys do the singing. Thank you! Happy birthday to US!

Ah, twenty one years. Thank yoouuuu, God.

Gotta go! I still have a pocketful of dreams to share with the world. :) And even more people to thank along the way.



Coming home.


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