We keep waiting on the world.

I wanted to sleep in the dentist chair. Only that I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth open. And the dentist would have a hard time. And I would just have to stay awake again. And welcome the unwelcoming thought of the dragging hours.

And all this ranting is utterly pointless.

Sitting for nearly two hours in a dentist chair seemed like the longest, most boring, please-take-me-away-from-here two hours of my life. I guess I'm growing up and old. When I was young, I used to question the rationale of the occasional trip to the dentist; but I was a lot more patient then. I would sit there and think about things to while away the long hours. I would play scenes in my head of stories from books I just read or films I just watched. I would replay a conversation with a friend in my head to keep my mind occupied with happier thoughts other than the dull atmosphere that just seems, deplorably, endemic to clinics.

Is a person's amount of patience inversely proportional to his/her age? Because I could recall several times when I was a kid when I would wait for hours on end without ending up with a heavy, unpleasant feeling in my chest. Now, I would often find myself just wishing to vanish and teleport to some place else when I'm 'stuck' waiting, especially for someone or something that I know I could still manage living without; that is, if I were to play by my own rules.

Waiting is just like any other skill. It needs practice (yes, you need to practice how to stop yourself from killing that person who made you wait--especially when it's 'in vain', and practice how to flash that smile even after such an incident). It also needs inspiration. The end should be worth all the agony and pains and aches and sacrifices of waiting.

Well, dental check-ups are a must, I knooowwww. But I'm still going to rant about it and the need to start creating more ergonomic chairs and tooth fairy-inspiring facilities in the clinics.

Then again, I--we--should practice more patience, no matter how hard it might be given our deterioated attention span.

After all, life is all about waiting. You'll never get to see anything unless you stick around long enough (to see it).

Right. I'm just being an oddly insightful drama queen at 1 a.m. Off to bed now.



Coming home.


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