Keeping the faith.

Not getting to eat chocolates isn't a very cool situation to find yourself in.

A couple of days ago I found myself at the emergency room of a hospital because apparently I was losing fluids in my body. I was dehydrated; thanks to my almost 18 hours of endlessly suffering from nausea and vomiting. What amazes me was the fact that I was able to endure that looong episode of getting out everything in my stomach. Just when I thought I could not puke anything anymore, here comes another "batch" of undigested thingies which I couldn't figure out (apologies for the graphic imagery by the way, if you DO find it graphic), from God knows where.

All throughout that time when my mom would clean every now and then my bowl, wash my face time and again, and tell me that it will be over soon....All throughout that time when my boyfriend would sit by my side, hold my hand, and comfort me when I finally broke down telling him that I can't take it anymore... All throughout that time when our dog Phoebe would jump at my bedside as If sensing that I was very ill...All through those times, I was praying quietly. Repeating over and over to God: "Please, just make it all go away."

And in my silent conversation with Him, I even joked around. You see, when Michael Jackson died, I felt really sad. Almost devastated because I felt guilty. I misunderstood him. Here was a man who I adored when I was young. Who I wanted to marry when I was young (haha); but with whom I've lost interest as I grew up, only because I listened to what people were telling about him. I was young and naive, and I judged him. And so, one night before going to sleep, I asked God to take care of him, and maybe grant me an opportunity to talk to him, even in my dreams.

So when I was in that difficult time, I remembered that prayer and I kiddingly told God that I wanted to talk to MJ, buuuut not in a sense that I would want to kick the bucket. That made me smile inside. And I think that made Him smile as well.

I knew He was there that morning of July 27, 2009 when I asked my mom to bring me to the hospital. I was previously reluctant to go when my mom asked me because I never liked staying in the hospital. No matter how hard I tried to think positively, my body was getting weaker. And weaker.

Getting myself to the hospital, despite the quiet repulsions I might have for it and despite the bills that my dad paid (which I wanted to pay since I'm working already--'whatever', haha), was the right decision. (Earl took this picture of me during my first day stay. I think i was watching 'Wowowee' :p)

I am well now although still under medication. I could very well say that I have a new-found sense of joy in my life. And I know that He is still taking care of me. :)

I remember saying once in one of my Public Address speeches in college this: "Faith can take you to places unimaginable." I am proud to have seen it at work in my life everyday.

A woman of unwavering faith, Ms. Corazon Aquino, will be missed much. I will always admire her. Thank you, President Cory.
And yes, I faithfully heed the doctor's orders not to eat chocolates or any food with caffeine in it, and submitted myself to total 'un-coolness'. Sigh.


  1. hey thanks sfauthor! Thanks for the link, although I can't seem to open them (PDF files). Im not familiar with those books. There are a number of YOGA books out there. Pranayama (breathing exercises) is a fundamental part of Yoga, so you should find it in many yoga books.

    See you around! :)

  2. glad you're much better now, louberry! indeed, faith can take us to places unimaginable.:) (isaiah 33:24)

  3. hi faye! thanks for visiting my blog. we are truly strong when we are on His shoulders. take care of yourself always, faye. see you around. =)


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