Breathing fresh air doesn't happen everyday.

Today I saw what probably was the fifth Michael Douglas film I've seen in the last month. We have a number of suspense thriller DVDs and even books that spell any of the following: law, the american president, a plot to kill the president, a plan to save the president, secret service, prison, suspect, victim..well, you get the idea. My father's bringing home all these stuff and I figured that it's just legally acceptable for him to be interested in these because he works closely with law firm people. So just imagine my reaction when I opened up his suitcase as I was rummaging for his pasalubongs over a month ago: Again?

Not that Murder in the First or The Heat were bad films--they were very good films actually. Surprisingly good. Watching them was like an epiphany. It's recognizing those times when the suspension of judgment is perfectly okay. Maybe people, especially young people, would rather watch Twilight or chick flicks because there is hype about them. Hype. Because there is a massive promotion for these films. Because the story appeals to them. It's sad that there are a lot of very good, well-plotted films that do not receive much deserved attention from the public.

Rarely, you'll be amazed at how something which you haven't heard of can be so thrilling and exciting. It's like Mary finding the secret garden, and Alice discovering all the magic and tomfooleries in Wonderland.

THAT rarely happens. And the 'rarely' part in it is the amazing mystery of it all. Certainly, you'll always be surprised. You'll always be amused. And you'll always wonder when the next time you'll feel the same way again will happen. You'll definitely say 'wow'. Wow for yourself making an uplifting discovery. And Wow for the experience that does not cross your waking life everyday.

Hmm. A lot like love, don't you think?


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