A true false alarm.

Amusing story. I got a cold during a freezingly hot summer afternoon. A C-O-L-D. And I didnt even see it coming. After days of feeling dehydrated, that rhinovirus thingy managed to (inevitably, and overpoweringly) invade my system.

More amusing story. I woke up really early yesterday.

The day before that more amusing story when I woke up really early, that was when the amusing story happened--I got the cold. It was also the day when Earl and I agreed that I would drop him off to school before 9 yesterday because I also had to be somewhere in Manila for a meeting by 10.30.

I woke up yesterday, looked at my phone under my pillow. It was 6.30. I knew I had to wake up soon to get ready and all. However, I was not feeling too well. I felt weak and I knew I couldnt get up soon. I had a cold. So I heavy-heartedly texted earl and told him that I couldnt get up early and that I couldnt drop him off because I was a bit under the weather. Before going back to sleep, I looked around the room and even out the windows with silent remorse. "It's dark.", I told myself. "Unusually dark."

I slid back to Morpheus' world and as usual, I forgot what I dreamt about upon waking up--at 8:20 am. With silent hope, I texted Earl. "Maybe he's just on his way. I could take a bath really quick and pick him up." I called their house and her mum said he just left. Heavy sigh.

I checked my phone. It was nearly nine. I had to hurry. I had to be on the road by 9:15. I ate my breakfast, brushed my teeth and was ready to enter the shower. I went back to our room to get my clothes and my towel. When I passed by our dining area, I caught a glimpse of our clock mounted high on the wall just above the door going to the kitchen. It read: 8:00. I felt a pang of funny disbelief.

I asked my mum, who was getting ready to go out for her daily taebo class. She confirmed the time. It was just 8.00 am. I hurried to my room, checked my phone and yes, it was an hour too early.


The day before that I remember re-setting the time and date in my phone because I had to remove the battery and the sim.

That meant that when I woke up at 6:30, it was only 5:30 am. That was why it was still dark.

When I woke up at 8:20, it was just 7:20 am. Later I found out that Earl headed to school earlier.

Sigh. I'd been cheated. I was supposed to still enjoy at least an hour more of sleeping and my ol goody phone buddy deprived me of it. Ha!

It was my NIDO commercial moment. Expose, explore, experience.

Even more amusing story. I didnt go back to sleep upon my discovery nor did I wallow in my self-inflicted sorrow. I took a bath. Dressed up. Prepared to leave. I did all of these without having to hurry. Without fear that I'd be late.

I was blithely singing The Cure's "It's Friday Im in Love", by the time I hit the road. "How perfect.", I thought.



Coming home.


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