The saleslady story my idiosyncratic self said she'll tell in her blog.

Why is it that sometimes you figure a story to be funny yet others don't figure it the same way? It's just so hilarious (you think) that you are fairly confident that if you tell it to other people, they'll cry laughing. But they don't.

Two nights ago, I was to meet my twin at Robinson's Manila. It was after class, a little after 6. My phone battery was dying and my last sms to her was that I'll meet her in Powerbooks, groundfloor.

When I reached the place, I realized that Powerbooks had already been relocated at the new Midtown wing of the same mall. In my head, I was thinking--"Oh my g--, where the dickens is the Powerbooks here?!". I thought that they kept the Powerbooks there. I was hoping for some fleeting glimpse of it. Nothing. All I could see was the huge "paperwall" placed across the area where the book store had been. I looked around for my sister and did not find her.

Impatient as I am, I waited a little then walked and walked away. I thought of going inside one of the stores beside the area. I entered Gift Gate. As I entered the place, there was this sales lady who greeted me with a smile. I smiled back and looked around--not to buy anything. Just plain 'looking around' stuff. I don't know but I have an unspoken (almost uncanny) pet peeve with salespeople. They are a major vexation to me--especially that saleslady in that unfortunate store encounter.

I didnt know If I looked like I had money to buy. Or looked like one of Hello Kitty's undying fans. Or looked like kind enough to spare money to buy one of those capitalist-sponsored items (I am stingy!). I didnt know. The saleslady was dogging me around (like some annoying guy who has a major crush on you would do and who's in for the dumpster). She was there looking over at my shoulder, telling me stuff about whatever item I was looking. She was there...doing her job--selling. And I wasn't liking it. Maybe because I wasnt in the mood in the first place. I wanted her to leave me alone. She was starting to be obnoxious. Really.

I didnt want to get mad at her. I didnt want to humiliate her by telling her to shut up (though in my mind, that would be totally effective.hehe). I instead thought of a way to drive her away without hurting her feelings. Hmmm. As I was looking around (still), I asked her if they have those hello kitty cookies (I remember those cookies my mum's friend brought from Hongkong). I was hoping she'd say no. She said yes. I felt a pang of "oh no!". Dead end I thought. Now how do I get out of this unexpected rubicon yet again? She showed me the cookies and I looked at them like i would when shopping for some MNG clothes--very intently and had the believable inkling of really purchasing. But surely I wasnt there to buy. So I told the saleslady that I was looking for the hello kitty cookies with the pink wrappers (which I know they dont have--ha!). She said the store doesnt sell those (I know!). Whew! Then, she left me alone. I felt my temper meter (nearing total irritability). receding...slowly..slowly.

And I was sane again.

Powerbooks Midtown--there was my twin waiting for me.

As I was telling that story to my twin sister and his boyfriend over dinner, I couldn't help but laugh remembering the obnoxious lady and my evil, retarded scheme to drive her away. My sister was just smiling and her boyfriend bluntly told me that he didn't find anything abt it funny. The fact that I was telling a story I thought was funny but wasnt funny at all to them made it even funnier to me. I AM weird.

Visualizing myself at that time, storytelling: Me--laughing (like Im just watching White Chicks again);They-smiling but not laughing...I find the picture really weird. To console myself, I'll describe that picture of mine as endearingly pathetic. :)

Just before finally leaving Jollibee, I told them right then that I am going to tell this story in my blog. I have a newfound definition for that line, ignorance is bliss. :)



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