The curious incident of a yellow notebook in the night time.

Last week I was busily thinking about my yellow filler notebook in one of my major subjects. If there were anything I treasure most in my entire school life, they would be my papers and my friends and my notes. My notes. And one of them was nowhere to be found.

It was unacceptable of me, I thought. how could I lose it? I engaged in those kinds of self-pity and blame (which I promised myself I wouldnt do because Andrew Matthews said not to) :p. Anyway, I was totally devastated.

It was the cognitive dissonance theory working on me at that time. I am a neat freak yet I lost one of my notebook. My folders are color-coded so that I don't mix every subject in school--yet, I lost one of my notebooks.

So I remembered one of those morning Blue's Clues episodes I watched. It said there that If you have forgotten have to go back where you were. I tried to recall the last time I saw it but nothing would register in my mind. I thought of just giving up. Maybe I left it in some room or maybe it fell while I was walking along the streets of Faura. I don't know.

It was already late at night and I was still looking for it. To exaggerate, I even prayed to the patron saint of lost things. And I prayed before going to sleep. And I prayed and prayed everyday.

I felt like it wasn't totally gone. I just have to pray and wait for it.

Just this Friday, I found it. Turned out, one of my classmates borrowed it. And THAT, I've also forgotten! Whew! What a major relief. I could almost talk to my notebook and say "I thought I've lost you."--which is, I admit, inappropriately melodramatic.

That afternoon, after my last prof of the day decided to cut the class 30 minutes earlier, I watched Pupil perform live in school. Strangely, they were singing.. Mahahanap din kita...Mahahanap din kita...Mahahanap din kita...The song and the sound of the drums and guitar strings banging through my ears and the loud cheering crowd felt like walls of voices closing in on me telling me: told you.

For years, ive been a witness of everyday miracles in my life. Even this simple experience told me that prayers help. Really. :)



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