Drooling over a yummy new year.

Im eating chestnuts right now. Staring blankly ahead. Staring through the computer screen. Ha! Like I have laser eyes.

So this is going to be my last entry for the year. Im planning to make some changes about things. About..things. (these chestnuts are really good).

Im just following some stream of consciousness thingy so...bear with me?

In about eight hours, it's going to be the new year. In about two hours, I will be baking lemon macadamia cookies and a cake. Good thing my brother was able to bring me home macadamias from Singapore. I had trouble looking for those here. And they're free because he paid for them. (Me, whispering: He's got his bank account full, you know? hehe).

I spent my little vacation finishing school stuff and reading and playing and sleeping and going out and shopping. I played computer games with my sisters and wasnt even content about reaching level 43 in that bomber man game in gameboy (oh boy, those were some sleepless nights--haha). I got hooked in that Diner Dash game and another game where you have to solve a crime of some sort and look for things, which really trained my CSI skills. I got re-acquainted with Jenny Cavalleri ('don't bullsh*t me preppie!) and Oliver Barrett IV-- in the novel. And I got to convince Phoebe that im her real biological mother. Only that she doesnt call me 'mom'. :p

I wonder if I have to give a little pep talk with whoever is reading this right now. Do I have to say stuff like "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"? Or could I just wish you a happy new year? Well, happy new year. And if you're living a mundane existence, or felt like you had, try to make your life meaningful. :)

I can't recall these lines from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. There's this scene where the father is talking to her daughter (i think) and he's telling something about letting go of the past but taking them with you as you grow and move forward--something like that. :)

I have things to look forward to in 2008. Apart from the new season of LOST (sayid, you're back!) and National Treasure 2 and T. Burton's Sweeney Todd and more grueling school work, I have more people to encounter and more experiences to learn from.

And more cookies to bake. :)



Coming home.


SERVE LIFE FORWARD: Travel meaningfully, Live joyfully.