Flushing out those work demons

I was finally able to do again what i've felt has been some remote activity of mine-watch tv.

Amidst the plethora of things needed to be done (lotsa research papers, lotsa presentations and lotsa exams), i reached for the remote control immediately when i got home this afternoon. Sometimes, i tend to think that watching television without first accomplishing my tasks for the day is a grave sin because there is seriously so many things needed to be done for school.. And Im not being geek-y, although I am. Quite. :)

I was particularly disgruntled because it was raining very hard in Manila and my favorite slippers got wet (the one earl got for me last month). And yes, I was very tired.

I needed to de-stress, I thought. Maybe the tv can help me. True enough it did. I felt like connecting to the human race again in a different way. It resembles some form of mediated, one-way communication apart from the daily face-to-face social interaction, sms, internet/ym, etc.

There was a replay of Fear Factor, Couples edition i think. I found it funny and annoying that girls with their hands tied up to the shower and literally showering in blood (as part of their fear factor challenge, while their partners struggle to rescue them) would scream out loud. I did not know if they were really afraid or they just wanted to scream. I figured it to be a bit over-reacting. It was not even scary. I also watched Jeopardy and was pretty amazed and in some way relieved also to know that there are far nerdier people in the other side of the world. Oh, and I was able to answer.."Who is Danielle Steel?" and that final question, "Who is Anne Boleyn?". :).

When I got home also, my mum was watching a Filipino film, Separada. It starred Maricel Soriano and Edu Manzano. Their children were Patrick Garcia and Angelica Panganiban. There was a scene there where Maricel was sitting beside the little Angelica Panganiban and was trying to soothe her because Patrick, his brother, was bullying the little girl. It's interesting that in a recent movie, these two actresses are fighting over one man. From a simple mother-daughter roles years ago to a completely different mature roles (whose relationship is characterized with a lot of tension). It was just strange to watch that scene in the old film and try to compare it with the new film. To me, Maricel even looks younger today than years ago. :p

That was just a thought. Anyway..it has been awfully stressful lately.

So what keeps me going? It's the thought that there is no burden I can't bear. God assured me that. And with my loved ones around me, what could possibly go wrong? I have all the inspiration I need.

I'll have phoebe to save my day too.



Coming home.


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