Compatibility test: madness and sanity.

I suddenly remember that last class in Environmental Geology.

We were talking about Pangea. We were talking about Plate Tectonics Theory. The teacher said that there were theories saying that the Philippines might have been formed somewhere in the same exact place where Australia is currently situated.

That new information surprised me. Twas a pleasant surprise really. You see, Hugh Jackman is from Australia...(yea, i have a point) hehe. To think that my land in the past might have been there in that same place where he was born, where he grew up.. that's really something. haha. We might have been soul mates after all. haha

I'll stop now. The more i believe in this theory (and all other theories that ratify my compatibility and happily-ever-afters with my celebrity crushes), the more i perceive it to be real. I admit, it's rather silly. But it keeps me sane nonetheless. :)

In my lifetime, i have known that there are some things I cannot change. There are things that I just need to accept. However, this does not mean that I have to give up whatever it is I think is right or true. I will have to borrow a line from a Billy Joel song to describe myself in this case in point: She never gives up. And she never gives in...She just changes her mind..

My Social Science professor jokingly said also that Galileo was fond of using his telescope and that Galileo would spy every now and then on his neighbors...before actually pointing his telescope to the sky and studying. I believe that was not true. But that was funny. Reminded me of the film I just recently saw, Disturbia. I liked that movie.

That movie also espouses my idea on truth. How far will you go to fight for it? How will you know when to just abandon your pursuit? Should you? What if there are forces at work against you? What will you do?

Truth will remain truth. You don't need anyone or anything to convince you otherwise.

That line from the film The Count of Monte Cristo, it says: God will give me justice.

Do you believe that?

There are a multitude of things in my head right now. Like, how do you define truth anyway? Are dreams truth? Is imagination truth?

The world is going mad by the minute. With all this philosophies. With all these thoughts. Blame it on human beings for being such complex creatures with complicated brains. It's both a blessing and a curse.



Coming home.


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