The waking up part in Liverpool

I had been dreaming. I can remember it actually. As a matter of fact, I think I could write a whole new novel out of it. Good story. Surprisingly good. I remember reading a book (a very large and heavy one) featuring an article about how well-known artists/writers/people got their ideas from their dreams. I think those people included Einstein, Beethoven, Bach, Newton among others.

That's really interesting.

Liverpool. I remember Liverpool because last night, as I was sewing a blouse three sizes larger than me (apparently, i was sewing it to transform it into a more flattering top-oh my God! I'm thin!), I was also watching Mike Myers' interview in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Myers is from Liverpool. It is also the home of the Beatles-a fact I had known only less than two months ago while watching Travel Asia. Now, that's odd. It only occurred to me now. Why would the show cover Liverpool, which is in England, when it's supposed to feature travel destinations in Asia (as implied by its title)?

Maybe the show also features places outside Asia for Asian people. That's why it's Travel Asia. Travels for people from Asia. If it were only to talk about Asian destinations for an audience comprised mainly of Asian people, it would be boring. Eventually, the audience would become restless..

I sounded fairly proud & dim-witted at the same time answering my own rhetorical question.

Oh well, I'd like to go visit Liverpool someday. Its strawberry fields. Its culture. Its people. Its diverse attractions.

Phoebe is sleeping like oil right now (beside the computer chair Im sitting on). I wonder what she's dreaming about.



Coming home.


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