Spidey experience and something more.

Earlier this day, I was having dinner with my boyfriend and his mum after seeing a movie. We were at Razon's. I noticed a group of people seated at the table next to us. Immediately, I found one of the faces familiar to me. I usually see one of them (a guy in pink) around UPM campus although I don't really know who he is (if he's a student or professor). I nudged my boyfriend's elbow to tell him about it. Then the waiter came with our order.

While eating, these group of students/professors beside us were talking non-stop and people within two meters around them could actually hear them. They were talking about European Union, Parliamentary, the upcoming elections etc. Obviously, they were talking about politics. I thought that maybe they are from the Debate Circle or Political Science Majors. Then they started talking about the UP system. The rankings of four universities in the country, specifically UP, Ateneo, UST and LaSalle. I was eating my halo-halo but can't help smiling every now and then because of a thought that crossed my mind: "Do I sound like these people when I'm out with my classmates?"; "Do I talk about politics like that?"; "Do I take on serious issues like that?". I kept smiling because I realized I do.

Sometimes, a conversation topic just carries you away and then you just find yourself burrowed in that subject. It doesn't have to be serious/intellectual stuff, even the shallowest of the shallowest subject keeps us talking.

However, oftentimes when I'm out with my twin sister having lunch or just eating out for snack, we usually find ourselves talking about serious matters. Just delving into complicated matters. In the middle of our conversation, we sometimes stop and get surprised at how long we've been talking and how serious we really get. It's funny. Same goes also with my classmates. I remember talking to a friend of mine about student activism in college. We just kept on talking about the subject that morning until our professor finally entered the room.

But then, who dotes on talking about intellectual stuff all the time? It's boring. We need to veer away from complicated affairs and start appreciating simple, silly even foolish conversation pieces once in a while. Right? It wouldn't hurt to talk about make-up, the new trick you taught your dog, that embarrassing moment lately etc (though Im not saying that these are complete 'trifles'!).

I was feeling satiated already from eating too much food. We ate before the movie and then we were eating again after seeing it. We had also been talking. About the spidey suit Earl used to wear as a child. (",) About how cheaper the halo-halo in Pampanga is (the original Razon's) than in Manila. About summer plans, etc. The guys beside us eventually ceased the politics talk and started teasing each other. There were even periods of silence. Even them could not stand the endless serious talk. This slightly calls to mind the "all work, no play..." philosophy (Is that a philosophy in the first place? hehe).

Those people looked happy, even joking around as they were leaving. I had to get my last glimpse of them before they left. They were some group of friends who enjoyed the company of one another no matter what they were talking about (even if they weren't talking at all!). It was one rare snapshot in my mind I wouldn't miss. Unpretentious and natural people.

Then it was time for us to go. My boyfriend held my hand as we left the place and headed to the parking lot. It had been one fine day and the city lights welcomed us as the car pulled away from the mall.



Coming home.


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