I feel like I need to add something to this blog. Besides the fact that I am totally wasting my time on the net doing nothing and that I'd rather write than be completely bored stiff, i feel some creative juices coming.

It has been a year since I have created my first blog. I eventually got rid of it after I've figured that I hardly put anything "sensible" in it (although I received few comments; one from a person who did not believe that I was 17 years old..I WAS 17 years old). I took it as a compliment anyway.

I've resurrected this blog just two months ago for unknown reasons. You could say that some voice in my head commanded me to (well, that's really funny and stupid) or you can say that I just felt like writing, or to put it more appropriately, blogging again (THAT is more of an acceptable reason i guess).

School kept my hands full that I hardly had time to write by March. I haven't even finished Coelho's "Zahir" and Gaarder's "The Orange Girl" and could only occasionally peruse Gaiman's "Fragile Things" (my Tito Pete's bday gift--thank you tito!). Sigh. Thank God it's summer. I have a lot more time to catch up on both my writing and reading. :)

"Writing is its own reward."--a good friend once told me. :p

To you, who's reading this now. I say, "Hello stranger". The lady is pleased to meet you. :)

Feel free to explore my blog site. Leave a comment if you want. Learn lessons if you should. :p



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