My Beautiful Everydays

What is it that I really want? Exactly what most people ask themselves. I do know what i want.

I want to live simply. Hear music. Engage in life's conversations. Watch the birds fly as they go on their daily routines. Just appreciate life in its simplicity.

I picture myself just sitting on my chair. Just outside a house in the country. A place where I am totally unbeknownst of life's upsetting drudgeries. And I would not be bored at all. I will only have peacefulness and silence as my companion. Maybe I'll be with someone. A genuine person. Someone who would share the silence with me.

I shall watch days pass by spending time with nature. With poetry. With people I hold most dear in my heart. Loneliness is inevitable though but the wonders in my heart shall keep solitude and chagrin in places where they must be. Life will never look as much pleasant.

But then, I'll constantly think of the yesterdays. The sunsets and sunrises of them all. I will be content. Perhaps, there'll be little "what if's" but I will still feel wonderful nonetheless. Nothing happens by chance. I did choose to live like I'll always be home.



Coming home.


SERVE LIFE FORWARD: Travel meaningfully, Live joyfully.