I used to call this blog PRANAYAMA.

It refers to the breathing exercises or the art of breath control in Yoga. 

Pranayama perfectly represents what my blog is all about--life. This is the place where I share passionate encounters with the world, the universe. It is home to colorful musings, gratitude, wonders and ambitions.

In a sense, this place allows me to take a breather, and inspires me to take a step back, see the everyday and the ordinary in a new light, and breathe in life and love all over again. It gives me room to meditate, appreciate, and ultimately, connect with the world and inspire. It is where I re-learn discipline and patience, peace of mind, and love.

Yes, above all, LOVE. Love as God taught, wore, and walked it.

Truly, the time to invite, express and receive love is at this very moment: WRITE now. I pray that I am using God's gifts to me well whenever I write here.

Also, it is my hope that these notes find their place in my grandchildren's home and many more someday, especially when they need these reminders of love the most.

This is my life blog. Hello and a thousand good wishes to you, love. =) 

Happy reading.


Coming home.


SERVE LIFE FORWARD: Travel meaningfully, Live joyfully.