Home for the Holidays

In the middle of holiday dinners, high-speed sewing practice, and happy dreaming of many dreams, I have itched to write.

I write today with a heart full of excitement and fear and a bright outlook to what may be ahead in the days to come. It was a song I loved from the very moment I heard it years ago that made this longing to write stronger on one of my many sleepless December nights.

I remember an early morning pop quiz in Linquistics class. I have an interesting memory of pop quiz mastery in my highschool and college days. I can feel my heart jumping through my chest; my blood rushing with excitement through my veins in my arms and into my hands as I write down the answers to questions the class has not even began reading/studying about.  Perhaps I have always thought ahead of the day. Some would say I think beyond my years. I do not know if that is accurate now, especially that I cry like a little kid to book and movie scenes, which to most people I know would only merit an “Awww.” I do remember that I would read in advance and find myself absorbed in books in the library to read about related material. I guess I loved learning. I have always loved learning new things.

In this particular Linguistics pop quiz, the teacher “asked” us to write “your favorite word” as the last quiz item. I looked at the teacher and on my paper and others, and found the class doing the same thing. “Huh?” was what the echoing glances say. I knew what my favorite word was but I remember just having to briefly assess whether there was some kind of secret instruction that the teacher was hoping us to get…like writing the word in such a way that indicates its intonation or observing capital letters should we decide that our favorite word is a proper noun or something like that. After all, it was Linguistics class, and in Linguistics class, we dissect words.

Putting all these brief thoughts aside, I wrote mine without a second thought: home.

I realized afterwards that a person’s favorite word can reflect someone’s personality much like a person’s favorite music or place or book does. Maybe this was our teacher’s way of getting to know more about us.

As for me, I love how the word “home” can be anything I make it to be. How I can be anywhere else but have it with me too. How I can find it in many things and many people and many places without it being unfamiliar at all. Most of all, I love the peace and joy that makes a home a home. :)

Today as I am writing this and as I am sharing these thoughts with you, I feel at home.

I pray that as we celebrate Christmas and the New Year, that we find home even in the silent spaces of our hearts, where God often speaks to us of our soul’s purpose and of our many, yet often ignored, blessings.

For we are already "Home for the Holidays" if we have peace and joy and light in our lives. :)



Coming home.


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