Hop on your swivel chair and just go.

Spielberg by Daniel Oines

My first PRANAYAMA blog post for 2014.

Boy, how fast time flies. I remember many other new-year posts from previous years and I still cannot believe how long ago they were. They seemed just like yesterday, and I can still remember my younger self sitting in front of the (then) desktop and typing away like I am right now now (on a laptop). It's the same feeling you get when flipping through old photographs and you say to yourself, 'Wow, I am getting old.' There is always that nostalgic desire to travel back in time and experience and rediscover moments gone by, and a sound affirmation that, yes, often unbeknownst to us, the hands of the clock move so fast. Every year we get to contemplate on it quite seriously but only temporarily, like we do with New Year resolutions.

Then again, as I say over and over, some things do not change. For one, I am sitting in a new chair (that swivels!) in my newly arranged and designed sewing studio, and just sitting in it gives me a certain validation of the starry eyed girl that I have always been. You see, when the site Multiply was still starting and in your own homepage you have to write a site title, some sort of description for yourself, I wrote mine this: 

I'd like to think I could go anywhere with just one swivel of my chair.

I remember thinking long and hard on that description because I really wanted it to represent myself. I wanted it to capture my childlike faith in possibilities and in the power of imagination and in the simple act of dreaming. While I was pondering on it, a television episode crossed my mind about this rocking chair where the children just sit, close their eyes, imagine where they want to be, and when they open their eyes, they find themselves in that place they imagined. I liked that story. I don't remember what tv show it was, but the message obviously stuck and stayed with me through the years.

"I'd like to think I could go anywhere with just one swivel of my chair."

Interestingly, the song 'Go the Distance' from the Disney film 'Hercules' is playing right about now while I am writing this. :) It connects with my swivel chair idea of dreaming and believing hard enough in your own dream to move you to go the places, and literally go the distance.

Every new year brings fresh flashbacks of the life we have lived--people we met, kind and not so kind acts we did, achievements we unlocked, lessons we learned. Besides that, every new year also somehow empowers us to make a fresh start on that life we CAN live or the life we have been dreaming to live--leaps of faith we've been afraid to take, new adventures we've been so adamant not to undertake, and committing to brave deeds like acceptance and forgiveness [by the way, I saw Home Alone again last night and I cried sooo hard during that last scene where the next door neighbor grandpa finally reconciled with his son he hasn't spoken to for so long on Christmas Day :'(  sob!]. 

So, what is YOUR itinerary this time? :)

This new year, I send the world a virtual hug through this blog, and I wish that everyone, from this year on,  maintains a conscious reflection on the value of time--the brevity of it--and how everyday, itself, brings us new opportunities and beginnings to hop on our own swivel chair, imagine, dream, and go to the places we've always wanted to go.

True enough, with faith (...and some magical I-can-do-this! thinking and doing), we can go just about anywhere with just one swivel of our chairs.



Coming home.


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