Remember Love.

It is Sunday morning, and I literally woke up to the sunshine greeting me through the window above my head, its rays dancing with the curtains and making small images on the floor beside me. I haven't had breakfast except for a few pages of The Happiness Project. I was already five pages away last year on Chapter 2 which is aptly titled February: Remember Love when I figured that, since there's a chapter for every month, then I should just read a chapter every month. Besides, every project requires some form of patience. I could finish the entire book with a wide grin on my face and a fat affirmation that I am beyond happy, but then I would not be able to completely absorb everything for everyday of every month. And that would be boring. A boring kind of happy, don't you think?

What I like about the book is how it incorporates interesting research on just about anything, and how the author (Gretchen Rubin), as a married woman and mother of two, provides insights and overview of what it's like to be married and have a home of your own--the kind of arguments that you can expect right after the first child is born, the two categories of marital conflicts, the at least six-second hug with your partner to ease any moment of tension, etc.  It's a very interesting read, and in the February chapter, each point culminates to a single reminder: Remember love.

Remember love.

On a quite similar note, Belle and Sebastian has a song, of the same album title, called "Write about Love' (which I'm actually listening to this Sunday morning :) ). The first lines go: I know a spell that could make you well. Write about love, it could be any tense, but it must make sense.

It could be in any tense, but it must make sense.

I think making sense here means believing in your own love story. Because before it makes sense to anyone else, it, more importantly, has to make sense to you first. You have to believe in the love that filled and has filled and would be filling your passing days. Otherwise, your everyday story would only be meaningless montage of what happened yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

You have to be truly alive. Believe in Love. Remember love. Write about love. And be genuinely happy.

After all, Gretchen Rubin, Belle & Sebastian, Aristotle, the Dalai Lama, the Beatles, Jason Mraz, and even Charlie Brown and friends agree that happiness is not something we discover somewhere else. Happiness is in the little appreciation of all the love surrounding us. Now. 



Coming home.


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