While I (bed) rest.

Blogging from my iPod. The last time I did this I cursed the app for making me do all the thumbwork for almost half an hour and then mercilessly vanquishing everything...sending all my thoughts into cyber-oblivion. But here I am again.

Blogging thru my iPod. Guess this is the closest solace I've got in my bed. That book sitting on the cabinet two feet away from me beckons but I pretend not to hear. You see, yesterday was officially my third bed rest day after being diagnosed with a viral infection, which, quite frankly, I would like to call work stress. *cough* Since I was bored to death, I grabbed the book and read a few pages. A few pages. Hours later, my temperature soared to 39 again and everybody thinks it's because I exerted extra tiny effort to read. How funny. I just needed something to do apart from drinking my meds every four hours. Or changing my sweat-drained shirt every two hours. Children, you should really take your vitamins. Being sick is a slow trip to insanity I tell you.

Anyway, so I did a lot of meditation instead (well, in between my DrawSomething stints of course). I made realizations and decisions and talked to myself about things needing long, overdue...light. I wouldn't say that I've got everything figured out for myself already. In fact, I've always believed that tomorrow is never a promise.

And then I thought about compassion, kindness. Two things I'm passionate about. Am I a kind person? I would say yes. Although we all have our limits and we cannot keep on helping people who do not even try to help themselves. Sometimes, walking away is the kindest thing to do. Especially when there's nothing left to say. Let them say whatever they want to say about you. Let them paint a negative picture of you. Let them hurt you in conversations spoken in private. Let them curse you. Let them distort the truth to save their pride. Let them save themselves at your expense. Let them repeat their versions of the truth to others. Let them hurt you passively. And then let them display a false front to, again, save their pride. Let them be.

Life is too short to just spend it watching childish shows. We grow up and move on.

Right. Time for dinner. And then meds. And then bed. Again.




Coming home.


SERVE LIFE FORWARD: Travel meaningfully, Live joyfully.