Slow down, you're doing fine.

Sometimes I feel like I'm driving in this interstate highway, cars speeding around me, the night lights flicker in silent derision--looking down on all these people who always seem to have to be somewhere. So preoccupied that they forget how beautiful the moon looks against the night sky.

It is easy to write about slowing down and taking time to 'smell the flowers.' I can't imagine how many times I have mentioned about 'living in the moment' in this blog. I write about it because I believe it. I write about love because I believe in love. I write about compassion because I believe in compassion. And I write about life because I believe in actually 'living.'

There are moments in life, however, that challenge us to choose between getting ahead and slowing down. Oftentimes, we are tempted to choose the former as it entails professional growth or stability and security. But if it's not your life's passion, is it worth the pursuit?

Perhaps slowing down seems foolish. Taking the time to cultivate yourself and what you truly need and desire will take a while. But aren't all great talents start from a form of practice, which takes hours and hours and hours of more and more little practices?

While I spend a week at home, sick, and praying day by the day, that the next day will not be any worse than the last, I realized that maybe, it was God's way of slowing me down. Of making me realize things that I knew have been staring me down for quite a long time now. Maybe it was His way of telling me to take care of myself first before anything else.

This afternoon, I had the strange yearning to listen to Billy Joel's "Vienna." The lyrics of the song made Mr. Joel sound like a wise old man, softly reprimanding me, and telling me to just take it easy. There are a lot more messages in that song that touched something in me very deeply.

There is much gratitude to be expressed for special moments that touch us, or open our eyes. For music, love, and family. And for the gift of time and freedom.



Coming home.


SERVE LIFE FORWARD: Travel meaningfully, Live joyfully.