All you need is.

This year's Christmas has been different.

Apart from not having most of the family around the Christmas tree and Noche Buena-full table, at my grandparents' house, I also slept through Christmas eve.

And I probably dreamt about Santa and carol singers and myself on 3rd grade singing and dancing to Jingle Bell Rock. I don't know. But I do wish my dream was Christmas-y enough to make up for my missing the gift-giving and that time when everyone else was awake, greeting each other a 'Merry Christmas,' when the clock struck 12.

Yes I missed those. But I did wake up on Christmas morning to the sound of my mother's voice, and my sisters asleep beside me.

I woke up in a home, with my family. I could miss everything but that. We may not be complete this time of the year, but we have love to cover all the miles and distance apart. Cheesy but true.

It's the simple things that matter after all. Not just during Christmas but e-ve-ry-day.

In the words of The Beatles, 'All you need is LOVE.'

Merry Christmas, world! :)



Coming home.


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