If you’re feeling precious, write.

strawberryinklove2 Strawberry Ink Love by D. Sharon Pruitt

There’s this scene from the film ‘Precious’ that strangely crossed my mind just now.

It’s when Precious learned that she has AIDS and her teacher asked her to write. Precious couldn’t. She was feeling too dejected and destroyed to even lift her hand, clutch a pen, and, at the very least, write. But her teacher demanded her to. Precious had to write.

The words that we write have the ability to make us listen to ourselves and to see things and opportunities that we would otherwise miss or forget.

I say that writing is a form of meditation. Even now that I am writing these words down, I feel pulled towards a place, a fortress of my own thoughts, where I am bereft of outside noise and influences. It’s just me talking to me. And it feels like home.

No matter how or what we feel, we write. You’ll never know how your own words can change you and make you appreciate yourself better. You’ll never know how your own words can even change others.

Precious’ teacher wanted her to write and write and write in her journal no matter how bad her life gets. Apart from improving Precious’ literacy, I believe it’s because writing teaches Precious to listen to herself and emerge braver than ever after every story.

So if you’re feeling bad, write.

If you’re feeling alone, write.

If you feel like a mess, write.

If you feel hopeless, write.

Because you can never write about all the beauty and loveliness and wonder of life if you can’t celebrate the less beautiful and less gratifying moments.



Coming home.


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