DIY Love.

 Daisy Flower by Man & His Cam

Everyday there’s always something new I want to learn.

People oftentimes frown upon that attitude—restlessness.

I don’t. I embrace it with an open heart. I wallow in it and swim and lose myself in it.

What I do notice is that everything  I want to learn and do has something to do with creating something by hand.

Food. Dresses. Stories. Poems. Music. Crafts. Images.

Today I had an epiphany and asked myself, ‘Is this what I love doing?” I felt every nerve and muscle in my body jump in unison to cry ‘YES!’

Then my mind drifted back to that time in childhood when I would literally pick up scraps of almost anything I find at home, refusing to throw anything my siblings or my mum would call trash simply because I knew I could create something out of it.

To that time when I would use all these reclaimed stuff to create family gifts--a picture frame out of shells, or a portrait of my sister out of broken porcelain pieces retrieved from our backyard.

To that time when I painted Grimm’s fairytale characters on folder pieces, and later drew my dream wedding dress and house.

To that time when I created DIY boxes and folders to keep my things organized, and experimented with beads to make simple jewelries.

To that time when I first sat in front of the piano and learned to play The First Time I Loved Forever, and spent the summer days learning the guitar out in our terrace. Plus those summer days I spent glued on the couch with the Lifestyle Network on.

To that time when I composed a song on the piano and sang it to myself, but never got around to write the lyrics, nor the chords, down.

To that time when I asked my parents for an oven so I could bake cookies and a cake; and, recently, a sewing machine, so I could create dresses, and other crafts.

To that time when I started creating my poetry collection, and wrote stories.

To that time when I created this blog to share my thoughts with the world.

To those times when I refuse to pay for something I know I could do/make by hand. Like a greeting card or a scrapbook.

To every time when I would see something out of nothing. And create something out from scratch.

I’m a maker of things and I’m proud to see this passion so clearly now. And with whatever I do, I always aim to inspire and touch people. To connect with them and let them experience love as well.

My hats are off to all creative, wonderful people I’ve come across in my years. To the refreshing community of Kind Over Matter and Etsy, whose passion for anything personal yet universally inspiring I truly admire. I will forever be grateful for your stories and inspiration.

Today and always, my days will be filled with art and handmade, pay-it-forward love. ♥



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