The lunar new year, dog fights, and a change of heart.

I am no Chinese and definitely cannot speak Mandarin but I guess my chinky eyes, plus the ubiquitous Chinese culture, grant me (and the world!) approval to  join in, if not celebrate the Chinese New Year.

So even though the greeting’s becoming staler by the hour, I’m saying it anyway:


If dogs could talk, Phoebe would be sending her greetings too. Just because she’s a Shih Tzu and of Chinese descent (labo!).

Speaking of her, she’s been extra vigilant around the house since the arrival of Hachi. I’m not surprised anymore as she’s always had this self-important demeanor and a particular revulsion against other dogs.

I noticed an interesting similarity between dogs and humans upon observing how irritated and mad and aggressive Phoebe gets every time Hachi comes near her. How she, without any hint of doubt about how porky and heavy she is and how ridiculously impossible for her to jump to my bed, let alone lift herself, fights with every muscle (and fat) in her body to get herself to a higher, ‘safer’ ground—where no Hachi can reach her. It’s so cute. I actually enjoy watching her struggle. It’s like watching The Biggest Loser. Everything was there—the hopeful contender, the motivation, and the drive to get somewhere—weight loss just becomes a bonus. I just wish she’d lose the indifference towards Hachi (and other dogs in the planet), too.

Arrogance and pride and superior attitudes aside, Phoebe’s abhorrence against Hachi and her behavior around him translate to only one thing: FEAR. Humans are not unfamiliar with these encounters. Sometimes, the only way to downplay our feelings of  being threatened is to project the opposite---more frequently, in a harsh, reactive way.

We’ve all been a bully in as much as we’ve been bullied. Sometimes, we just don’t realize it. Of course, we’re okay not to admit it at all.

Truth is, we, too, find it difficult to face our own bullies--the scared, insecure, little child in all of us.

Ho-well, being a MEANIE can be healthy to one’s ego, but people can actually live with less coldness, and more COMPASSION .

Now, how do I articulate that to a crabby, not to mention, inattentive, dog?

I think I’ll be sitting this one out. After all, Phoebe’s 70th place in Working/Obedience Intelligence ranking is forever uninspiring.


  1. So I found your blog, Ate Lou! :) Better late than never, Kung Hei Fat Choi! From another girl with chinky eyes to you. LOL :D And cute dog over there! ♥

  2. hi judy! kung hei fat choi too! :)) yes, phoebe's cute but she's super maldita. hehe. keep reading & writing! :)


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