'Send out your ray of sunshine.'

She was bendable light: she shone around every corner of my day.

Jerry Spinelli's 'Stargirl' is a simple story about things that matter, or, well, should matter. It brings to light ideas, people, even experiences that the modern, jaded world would've ignored by now (maybe, has ignored by now). It reminded me of my favorite book, The Alchemist. There were some elements of Coelho's work in it, but they are presented in a less personal way in Spinelli's book. In The Alchemist, you somehow feel Santiago's character speak to you directly--as if you are Santiago in pursuit of your personal legend. In 'Stargirl', you would feel Stargirl's character speak to you through another character, which is Leo. And you will find that she speaks with so much life and soul and heart.

It also reminded me of The Little Prince. The book is filled with wonder and innocence and elephants inside boa constrictor moments. But unlike 'The Alchemist' or 'The Little Prince', I'd like to think that 'Stargirl' narrates scenes and dialogues and characters that are more realistic, more believable, more relatable.

I found myself lying in bed that night when I finished the book, just thinking whether somewhere, among the millions of people in the planet, Stargirl does exist. Where is Stargirl?

I could go on dissecting the book--critiqueing every detail and character and writing style but I figured it was not meant to be subjected to any literary scrutiny. It presented just that--the simple joys of life, beautiful snapshots of life-dreams, company of a friend/loved one, stillness of the night, harmony with all life forms, kindness, compassion, happiness, forgiveness, love...

...and enchanted places.

Lying there thinking, an epiphany made me smile---Stargirl's among all of us. We just have to recognize the inherent beauty in everyone's heart. And sing. And dance. And love. Unconditionally.

Which reminds me of a Jason Mraz song that goes "If there's a light in everybody, send out your ray of sunshine."

How lovely it is to know that we could be anyone's sunshine.



Coming home.


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