Because you're sweet, you give me lots of lovin', and you eat meat.

After a day of finishing paperwork and meeting deadlines and surviving the city traffic, it's nice to come home to your little pooch, enthusiastically wagging its tail, mustering every muscular effort to run by your side, even though the body fat is just excessive and wobbling all over places.

That's Phoebe. Everytime I come home at night.

We'd race to the bedroom, I'd sit on the bed, lift her up to my lap, rub her belly, and yeah, talk to her.

She loves it.

But what she hates is whenever I pull out my camera phone and start taking pictures of us. It's like TMZ, she tries to avoid it. The more I do it, the more obnoxious it becomes. The more I want to get a good picture of her. And then she starts fidgeting and making those let-me-down-or-i'll-bite-you dog noises, which I altogether write off as an affectionate behavior more than a threat.

Attempt # 1

And two.

And three.

I do have a fairly good number of shots of her looking AT the camera, and even smiling at that. It's adorable.

Oh well, I may not have an album-full of smiling phoebe photos, but I'll definitely have days of behind-the-camera beams to last a lifetime. :)

Norah Jones' The Fall album has this dog-inspiring song that speaks truth (wittily) about you and your pet dog. It's the last track and my favorite.

Nice driving album to boot. :)



Coming home.


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