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Ode to my major: Organizational Communication

Organizational communication is like that good film
I saw just months ago,
among the many very good films which, sadly,
do not get full publicity.
It is like that indie band that plays
truly unprecedented music,
which I love by the way, but which
I do not hear on the radio every morning
when I go to work.
It is that terrifically rewarding book
I told my mum and my dad and my sister
to read—for which they told me,
“I see...”, with confused looks on their faces.

Bright and strong-willed as I am, I took
“Organizational Communication” with me
in a suitcase
everywhere I go.
showing it to everyone I meet, as if I
was doing something of utmost importance
to the human race.—which, I have to admit, I am, because,
brilliant ideas would be non-existent,
companies would be tumbling down
and giant businesses will only simmer
in the ashes
of their downfall.

Without “Organizational Communication”,
plans would be merely
pieces of paper
devoid of substance.
Reports and presentations only babble
devoid of results.

I could wait for the world to discover
that film,
that music,
or that book.
but “Organizational Communication”
ought to be SOUGHT AFTER.

We tell the world and we show them and
we strategically communicate,
until we earn that top-of-mind place
which OrCom graduates so
rightfully deserve.

Till then, I shall be carrying my suitcase
in my travels
(and fabulously)
for all the world to see.

Happy 25 years OrCom, University of the Philippines Manila.

--nuff said--


  1. Ooh wow, Ate Lou. Nice post. :)

    I wish I'll be able to carry my Orcom suitcase, or as what Sir Barry said, wear my Orcom hat after i graduate from UP.;D

  2. thanks, irish. you WILL carry that suitcase, or wear that hat. I just know. :)


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