Think blink.

I was so hooked with 'Blink', I could not put it down; let alone keep my mouth shut talking about it after I've finished the book. Fascinating, fascinating, FAsciNating (note the stress on the first and third syllables :p) read! I could not commend it more.

Reminiscent of Mr. Gladwell's first book ("The Tipping Point"), "Blink"'s brilliance and the author's novel ways of presenting ideas and insights are simply riveting. The book will certainly make one think about how he/she thinks. There were even moments while I was reading the book when I would stop just to absorb the ideas, or to simply revel in the absolute beauty of Mr. Gladwell's mind. Such a beautiful mind, indeed. =)

So on my way to one of my job interviews (yay!) days ago, I could not help but share the book with Earl. As always, he was all ears. After a while, he told me that maybe it would be better if he were to read the book instead, and requested that I stop spoiling. :p.

But it was a wish that I just couldn't make my command. It was like asking me to turn the television off in the middle of a Boys over Flowers marathon. I just couldn't do it. No. Sorry.

I kept talking for minutes on end in the passenger seat, completely oblivious of the morning traffic along the roads of Makati. Earl, trying his hardest to balance his driving skill and listening skill (plus his ability of handling the pressure from crazy drivers on the road and from his crazy loquacious girlfriend), could have only wished for a (divine) intervention.

I finally stopped talking when I ran out of more stories to share, and when I simply realized that I'm saying the same things over and over...and over. I finally heard myself. And finally understood the condition I was in---I was in love.

With the book.

Funny how the "falling in love" thingy happens in the course of reading. Funny also how so many books (more than men) have swept me off my feet. (insert deadpan look here).

Maybe when you're passionate about something--be it writing or reading or poetry or photography or animals or gadgets or food or hot guys with names starting with Hugh and ending with Jackman--the part where you fall in love becomes obsolete because it's already a part of you. You're not even thinking about how you love it---*blink!*---YOU JUST DO. And one day, when something out of the ordinary from something that you've been in love with for years comes up---well, *pop* goes your heart. AGAIN.

That was what happened with "Blink" and with all other books that I have come to love. I might have perused a great many books but not all of them captured my heart. The ones that did became a special part of me. Why? The reasons need not be sought. They just ARE.

I do tend to overthink; but now I guess it will do me good to just think without thinking.

We have, as human beings, a storytelling problem. We're a bit too quick to come up with explanations for things we don't really have an explanation for.
- Malcom Gladwell -



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