Get busy living.

When I was young, I was taught to finish everything on my plate. I dreaded my uncle who used to make sure that not a single grain of rice remains on my plate. I was (dare I say it? :p) forced to eat vegetables and to keep to myself my childish thoughts about them (i.e. "Is this food?!" and "Who eats these?!). I remember holding my breath when I ate the pieces of carrots I left on my plate, which I thought would go unnoticed. With the same confused state of mind as Little Prince, I mused about how strange grown-ups were, worrying about matters of little consequence as that of leftover carrots.

How often do mothers or nannies sneak nutritious stuff in the children's food? Say veggies or milk? Everyone probably has their own share of story about this. Once in a while, you would learn that the dish has veggies in it, or milk, or perhaps that it's purely organic. Oftentimes, you would find out about it when the deceptive dish is already sitting pretty in your stomach. Maybe you would be mad. Maybe you would say nothing in protest. But mostly, I guess, you'd be beguiled. Beguiled by the exquisite idea of how a matter of little consequence suddenly becomes so great to you. Not because your mother or nanny was smart; but because it just happened.

Three days ago, I saw Shawshank Redemption, and it was just mind-blowing. My dad has probably seen it for the umpteenth time. It's his favorite film of all time. I wonder how a film geek like me even almost missed that kind of movie--had not my dad encouraged me to see it. Very beautiful.

Last night, I watched the 200th episode of CSI Las Vegas in AXN. Laurence Fishburne joined the team already. For one moment, I thought that he could not deliver the role of a Forensics guy because to me he was a Matrix kind of guy (whatever that means haha). In other words, I had not imagined him starring in a Crime/Drama series like CSI; but hey...he was GOOD. Like Akeelah and the Bee GOOD (because in part, he was also a mentor). And that 200th episode was good also. It wasn't as exciting as other episodes I've seen but where the crime was coming from and just how the whole story connected with the new guy (Fishburne) and his expertise and his credibility and the whole point of CSI was just (hands down) superb. It was like....a well-written academic paper. haha. Even THAT analogy connects with the story. Go figure.

And then, I also watched the Discovery Channel. The show talked about Teletronics, Life on Mars, and Time-travel. So COOL. It was the most interesting thing I've seen on television to date. Oddly, I've never been so caught up in the tube since Paris Hilton guest starred in the David Letterman show. :p

Shawshank Redemption, that 200th episode of CSI, and the Discovery Channel show all beguiled me. Why? because they were like veggies and milk sneaked into my food. They offered something important that I only realized after I've consumed them----HOPE. Yes, it isn't concrete as nutritious stuff but it is as healthy. And yes, HOPE has always been a matter of great consequence.

In a way, people may be classified as grown-ups or children. Some may choose to think about them as binary opposites---very different in their ways of thinking and behaving. I believe that in this world, numbers are not exactly an accurate representation of anything as just how old or young a person is. I believe that in this world, nothing is truly a promise. Nothing is certain.

Nevertheless, we DREAM. Just wishing and hoping at times. No matter how young or old we think we are. No matter how the future ahead may look.

We are all dreamers. Sometimes, we just need the right push to make us realize that we ARE.



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