I don't know why.

The old man is (definitely) snoring. It has been raining the whole day.

I remember watching the car's wipers move forcefully across the windshield. Like some coordinated dance move that requires only a left and right motion. I watched as the cars proceeding idly in front of me and the busy people walking along the streets blurred and cleared time and again in between the wipers' synchronized movement.

Driving is not fun when it's raining. Especially when it's raining hard.

Yet the comfort of being inside the car becomes no different from the comfort of being somewhere safe and sound during rainy days. It feels like home. For some reason, the car seat becomes your warm bed or sofa, the company of family or friends takes away the chagrin that rainy days usually induce.

And the car stereo becomes the chicken soup for your tired and looking-for-inspiration soul.

I sat there in the driver's seat. Staring blankly ahead. The windshield could have formed various images of nothings as raindrops rest on top of one another throughout its surface. The stereo was on....and I drifted my mind off the windshield pictures as soon as I heard a familiar song.

The reeds and brass were weaving. Norah Jones' Don't Know Why was playing. Norah has been a favorite of mine for a long time. The song is her debut song in her first album Come away with me. God, I love that album. And her next album. And the album after that. And all other albums that feature her. =)

I reached for the volume control but I stopped myself halfway. I began thinking about that human reflex. When we love a song on the radio, we immediately turn up the volume, with added remarks similar to the ff: "I love this song!" or "This is my song!" or "This is my favorite!". Reminiscent of that film White Chicks and Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles. Never fails to make me laugh.

Why do we do that? Have you ever thought about that? This is an example of those daily actions that we often neglect simply because there seems to be an unofficial modicum of agreement that we should turn up the volume when we like the song being played. Is there?

Like Norah Jones singing in the background as I was pondering about this, we might say that we don't know why.

Methinks people are just plain interesting.



Coming home.


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