Are we on a diet?: Subtleties in losing weight

Time flies fast and I hardly noticed that a month has already passed since my last blog--which violates my personal blogging terms and conditions. haha.

In my same impertinent yet logical stream of thoughts, I am going to talk about healthy living, reduced habits and man's on-going self-indulgence in (almost inevitable) choices that he/she BELIEVES are GOOD for him/her.

I remember my Natural Science V professor constantly talking about the weather inconsistencies these days. She blamed it to global warming (as we would also). I found her over-reacting then because I thought it was not so much of a big deal (hey! like it's the end of the world soon!). THAT attitude of mine was not far from many others' who live in what I would call environmental-slash-social apathy. Months later after I took that subject and after learning so much from reading and watching, I found myself writing about saving the Earth (see previous blog on this a year ago). When you flip the newspapers, you'll see countless news about tree planting in one place and another tree planting activity in another place and so on. Suddenly, it's not only Al Gore voicing out his concern about global warming. A number of companies are even tying up with environmental organizations to support environmental causes. Suddenly people are WANTING to save the Earth. I do not know if everyone is genuinely concerned. I do not know if some are just caught up in this emerging trend and just decided to passively participate until everyone else decides otherwise. This whole Let's Save the Earth thing has reached its so-called tipping point--as author Malcolm Gladwell calls it. It would be totally scholarly and COOL as well to study this surprising phenomenon. What factors could have contributed to the sudden popularity of global warming and its unwanted effects in our planet? How come it is only NOW that we pay particular attention to it? Why do we suddenly have an Earth day? or Pangea day?

It is a good thing by the way that more and more people are becoming aware of the need to care for our environment. Even better if we really take action. Plant a tree. Whenever practical, walk instead of using your car (although you'll have to convince me more on this esp this HOT summer. :p). Save water. Save energy. They don't really say reduce, reuse, recycle for nothing, right?

I was just also discussing awhile ago with earl and my twin (when earl and I got home) about how certain courses in schools are becoming obsolete with the introduction of new technologies that offer easier access to education. You see, there are new computer programs that one could self-study--you have Adobe, AutoCad, Photoshop, FinalCut, etc.---and in days or weeks, you can claim to know as much as students who take courses in Photography. Multimedia arts, Visual arts etc. Perhaps you might miss on the theoretical parts of the course, but you can surely master the application part. With a little help from a mentor or a book, you can learn a lot. I understand also that there are classes out of school being offered for some of these newer and more sophisticated computer programs. Walk along Pedro Gil and you can get yourself a copy of the newest computer softwares! haha. That's illegal of course...buut, would you pass up the chance to be as internationally competitive as those people who use the same softwares around the globe? Who are well-off enough to afford them? haha (I sound like your evil/clever conscience).

I would not be surprised if in the near future, everything that we WANT to learn or we NEED to learn will be spoon-fed to us. The internet alone at present offers unbelievable access to a variety of learning, which in a million years, we probably would not have imagined (except Isaac Asimov I guess..:p).

I can only imagine people getting fat--not because of McDonalds--but because we just stay in our own little corners at home for EVERYTHING--for learning, for shopping, for cleaning, for entertainment....and the list of everything that the internet or some other technologies can provide for us goes on.

Are we all just engaging in some self-fulfilling prophecy? That life will only get easier in the future? Perhaps, yes. Or maybe, man is just too curious. Still curious.



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