We're the new face of failure (my seemingly superficial & nonsensical rumination).

We were on our way home tuesday night when a song played on the radio. It was this song by Fall Out Boy that I never really got around to 'listen' very intently--can also be interpreted as such: 'i know i hear it but i just don't care.'

It was a familiar song but none of those I knew by heart. And the chorus was playing:

Me and You...hmmmmmm...if i woke up next to you. if i woke up next to you...

From the moment the song started, I started rocking my head up and down, right and left.. although i didnt know the lines of the stanza, at least i was non-verbally enjoying the music; and I was doing so quite stealthily in the passenger seat. When the first chorus played, i started singing and my vocal stylings could be illustrated like this:

Me and You...(pause, twitched eyebrows, dropped jaw)...if i woke up next to you. if i woke up next to you...

This scene was repeated a couple of times until I think the 3rd chorus.

I asked earl what the missing lyrics were. All i could understand was honeymoon (and i wasn't even sure about that). He told me he was not sure either. So i started hypothesizing (logically, mind you.:p) and i came up with the following lyrics to fill the gap in the chorus:
  1. sitting in a high moon
  2. sitting under a high moon
  3. setting up a honeymoon
  4. sitting in a honeymoon
  5. singing in our honeymoon
  6. singing in a high moon
  7. singing under a high moon
  8. sitting in a high noon
Earl said it might be "setting in a honeymoon". I asked if it could really be and we spent the next choruses of the song turning up the volume of the radio and moving our heads toward the stereo (as if that would help somehow alleviate our current frustration).

I spent the next days asking friends and my sisters if they could tell me the right lyrics. Some told me to just search it in the internet. Yes, I could have just searched the net for it but for some reason I didn't. I somehow felt like googling it would be some form of cheating. That Fall Out Boy song challenged me and I wasn't going to give up my thinking brain to some one-second search results. I wasn't willing to swallow my pride. haha. (i know i sound stupid but heck, stupidity keeps us alive doesnt it? ;p).

After a few days (and before writing this blog), I was convinced the right lyrics was: setting in a honeymoon. It made the most perfect sense.

Googled it finally and i was right (yey!); but i did not get the title right. The exact title of the song is: Im like a lawyer with the way im always trying to get you off (Me & You). --just when you thought you got everything figured out.sigh.

But still, i was proud. Because as advised by Robert Frost, I took the road less travelled. haha.I enjoyed cracking my brains and coming up with hilariously invalid hypotheses, instead of just consulting Bill Gates' money-making machine in one click of a button (although I did consult it for verification purposes). :p

Times a'changin and people get dragged to the 'in an instant' trend. Funny as it may seem nowadays, success still comes sweeter when you work hard for it.

Me and You, setting in a honeymoon, if i woke up next to you.

If I woke up next to you.

It's not just a love song.

That song title poses more probing to the meaning of the song. Reading between the lines is harder than just trying to figure out what the lines are.

How I wish I had my really useful book this time.



Coming home.


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