I'll send an SOS to the world

Last week I've finished reading this book, Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks.

I read the book because my parents recommended it, especially my dad. He said it made him cry. My mother attested to that too. I was intrigued (hmmm..). So I read it.

After finishing the book, i literally checked if there were any sign of tear forming anywhere around my eyes (you see, I had to do that because sometimes i don't realize that I'm crying already,--that's what happened after finishing the Little Prince--and I'm learning from experience). :) None. No tear at all. Not one sign of any liquid material. None. Maybe I felt a bit sad, but not sad enough to cry. I only sympathized--yeah, that's the word.

Where was I supposed to cry?-I asked my dad that and he thought that that inquiry of mine was hilarious. Yet I was serious; I did not know what was so 'cryable'--if Mr. Webster permits me to invent a word--about it. Really.

Of course, i liked the letters, the messages in the bottle. As a girl, I would have really fallen in love with the mysterious man who wrote those; but, I thought the story was too romantic--too unrealistic. I don't know, maybe I'm slowly evolving into one of the cynics. I think I loved the first few parts only before the girl met the guy. Maybe because there was no mystery anymore. You know that they'll fall in love, eventually fight then make up..and, oh I don't want to spoil. ;p

I liked the whole concept of the message in bottle, the intimacy of the characters, the conflict and all but not the predictibility of all these elements added up.. Yes, I told my dad that the story was predictable, and he argued that it wasn't. Anyway, I still think it's predictable. :) And I did not like how Sparks take the woman's point of view in his writing in that book. I thought it was not real or maybe too stereotyped (in some situations in the story), coming from a woman reader. However, in general, Sparks knows how to tickle your heartstrings . He does so quite effortlessly actually, having read the Notebook (my fave book of his) and A Walk to Remember. It's just me talking though.

So we have this video cd of the movie adapatation too and I thought it sucked. Yes. Except for the parts when Charlie (Robbie Coltrane--same actor who plays Hagrid in Harry PotPot) comes out. He looks exactly like my dad! haha. It's not totally a trash movie but..well, I did not really like it. ( And I hope my dad does not ask me back my shopping spree for this!)

Maybe I AM biased. My opinion of the book might have affected my opinion of the movie, eh?

I did love the thought of the ocean. Living near it. Jogging along the shore. Even just sitting on the shore. I remember telling my parents that I'll get them a house by the sea someday (when I've successfully robbed a casino ala Ocean's 11..kid ;p) when I have pleeenttty of money already (evil grin). haha. :p It's peaceful out there. I could only imagine. :)

I hope to see a bottle washed up on the shore someday--with a message inside it; but nah, we'll see..

If you want to find something, you better stop looking for it, right?--that's the whole point of the story after all...Or so I think. :)



Coming home.


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