Review of lessons, of people and of things past.

It was Sunday and normally my sisters and I would gather around the dining room and study. Oftentimes we would chat during breaks and tell stories about anything. Of course, music is one 'pre-requisite' to one hell of a conducive learning experience for us. Simply put, we have to have music while studying. Well, not always but most times..yes. :)

So we were studying. We were reviewing. I was pre-occupied with the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas. I only had a glimpse of the papers my twin was seriously perusing. I managed to get the idea that she was studying about muscles or tissues or anything related to that because she would recite them to herself once in awhile (you know, sometimes when you're studying you just have to do some sort of you confidence that somehow you wouldn't forget right?). On the other hand, I was talking to an invisible audience about the society of Classical Antiquity and Medieval period. It's like talking in front of the mirror without the mirror---which reminded me of that game Sims. A sim can practice speech in front of the mirror and it helps him/her to gain a point in his/her Charisma in the Skills section--which improves his/her chances in getting a job promotion. Aye, I was and still am a Sims fan (although I only get to play the PS2 version during vacation).

Going back. We were all reading. Ate may, ako, ate len. First, I played dreamsounds 1. Then after all the tracks had been played, I went looking for the Disney album and the Jazz in the City album but failed to find them. So I put the first Westlife album on. haha.

My twin and I were singing along and Ate May was: "What the?!". Believe it or not, we knew all the songs there by heart. I think we were in grade 6 during the peak of Westlife's stardom. We even had autographs and copies of their first album with the special acapella edition. I still have Mark Feehily's press conference photo. HAHAHA! I think I had sworn also that I'd marry him someday (little girls always want to marry their favorite celebrities). I was a foolish little girl. I can only smile and deny my insanely idiosyncratic ideas in retrospect. :p

I cannot deny though that the album was a very good collection of love songs. At least, it appealed to me and my sisters (ate may was also a HUGE westlife fan then, but people change..hehe). My twin and I are not huge fans of them now but that first album would always be a part of us. We somehow grew up with those songs. We knew every word and would still sing along whenever we hear them (just like Shania Twain's Come on Over album--buuut that's a different story). :p

A personal favorite in that album is 'flying without wings'. Read the lyrics. It's so heartwarming. Very sweet and makes you just want to sit back and reflect about the things most important in life---things people just tend to neglect. The acapella version is awesome too. You can sing it on your wedding day, to your bestfriend, to your family, to your parents and siblings, to your teacher and to God---anyone who is that special to you. Or anyone who's not even 'special' but has made a great impact in your life in ways that they may not even be aware of.

It's the little things that only i know...
Those are the things that make you mine.

Call me baduy, or corny or cheesy or overly optimistic but..yes, I believe that I'm flying. Without wings. Every. Single. Day.

I am blessed and grateful.

..And you're the place my life begins and you'll be where it ends...

>We all want to 'fly'. Maybe not the Nathan Petrelli kind of 'fly' (because only superheroes can do that!). :). But we all WANT to feel like we can fly, right?

Well, we ALL have already flown. Think about it.

..And maybe, just maybe, you'll find yourself flying again. Just like the Darling children. Feels great, eh? :)



Coming home.


SERVE LIFE FORWARD: Travel meaningfully, Live joyfully.