Wingless Cupid

I wrote the following sonnet two years ago. It was summer and perhaps I was in love. With the idea of Love. I thought about unrequited love. "Unrequited", in my opinion, is the famous and the most notorious word ever attributed to love, more than "lost love". It is hard to love and not be loved in return. It is truly heartbreaking.

However, I also thought about people who refuse to feel love. Those who deny their feelings. Having no feelings for another is one but having feelings and denying them is another. Both result in unrequited love (for the other person) nevertheless; but the latter could also result in self-inflicted injuries--regrets, loneliness, longing..

I left the sonnet untitled but I was forced to give it a title months ago when a friend of mine from the Manila Collegian got interested in my works. I needed to give it a title before submitting it. :)

Wingless Cupid

What is love when love is ignored? Denied?
Nothing but a song restrained with mere words;
Never unfurled in sweet musical pride
Untouched behind all the awaiting boards.
Is it not that such must be unbridled?
Free from doubts, aches and deep melancholy?
'Tis a wondrous sea that should be reveled,
'Tis not a lost unnoticed mystery.
For the soul will be but heavy blindness
Aloft in frailty and such futile fate!
Lost in the deep chasm of nothingness
The chagrin that clocks refuse to abate.
For love denied is life in constant daze
Without the sight of happiness ablaze.

--If you analyze it, my last two lines do not hold true all the time. People have their reasons for denying love.

Oftentimes, people just need to (deny love or ignore love for another) and you will find that that very choice is their sole source of happiness. Hard to believe, i know.



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