Hours and pages

Four years ago, I've considered it a total disgrace to find myself not doing anything. Ive been a workaholic, I would say; but that was way before I've discovered that totally bumming is actually glorifying--in some occasions.

I spent the day reading, watching tv and sleeping. That means i never really left our bedroom except when I had to go get something to eat, go to the comfort room, or check on phoebe (she's been sick for quite awhile). My sisters all went somewhere. Some swimming trip. I was reading this book, "Orange Girl" (a book by Jostein Gaarder which was a birthday gift as well) and I am only a couple of pages before finishing it. While reading, I've also been doing some critique about it in my head. You see, I came to the point of telling myself that the author sounded really silly (with all the exaggerated theories he presented) and that the story seemed too unrealistic too. However, I kept reading. I realized after awhile that he's making perfect sense. I guess any author should be given that credit. It's all a 'matter of perspective' anyway. Also, I think that people, at one point in time, resort to creating silly theories in their heads either to console themselves or make their lives miserable. It's just "human". We humans are all "thinking" creatures. The book is easy to understand though. The story seems simple but if you think about it, the author is trying to tell readers something, just as how the father in the story is trying to get his message across to his son. Go figure. All the information also about the Hubble Space telescope and astronomy got me interested as well. I love astronomy. Of course, the orange girl interested me too, even after her identity was revealed (which I think is too early a revelation). I'll give my final verdict when I've finished it. :)

And then, I slept for nearly two hours. I must have dreamt about the orange girl. I couldn't recall now.



Coming home.


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